Brimble, Lea & Partners has a wealth of experience dealing with all aspects of the planning process. The Practice is based within a predominantly rural area and deals with a significant number of proposals within the countryside including agricultural and equestrian. Additionally we deal with a wide range of schemes including residential and commercial development within towns and villages.

We are able to provide planning advice on a wide range of planning issues including:

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Negotiations with Local Authorities

Detailed pre-application consultations with Local Authorities and other statutory bodies. Negotiations with relevant parties during the planning application determination process.

Planning Applications

Working closely with a range of other consultants including Ecologists, Landscape Architects, Arboriculturalists and Structural Engineers to ensure that all relevant issues are comprehensively addressed, we submit planning applications to a wide range of Local Planning Authorities. Many of the applications are supported by detailed drawings produced by our Architects. We also assist other Architects and individuals who need expert assistance to get through the planning minefield. All applications are monitored throughout the determination process.The Practice attends Planning Committees and other public meetings as necessary.

Section 106 Agreements

Some planning applications, particularly those relating to larger residential developments, will result in the need for a Legal Agreement to be completed agreeing to the provision of affordable housing or infrastructure which is reasonably related to the development proposed. The Planning Consultants liaise with Local Planning Authorities and the client's Solicitor to negotiate appropriate terms of agreement.


The Practice has a very good track record with appeals. We can advise on whether an appeal should be dealt with under the Written Representations, Hearing or Public Inquiry process. We act as expert witnesses and prepare instructions to Counsel when appropriate.

Promotion of Land for Development through the Local Development Framework Process

When promoting land to be allocated for development we make representations at the various stages of consultation and at any Examination in Public.

Listed Building and Conservation Area Consents

Consent is required to carry out alterations to various heritage assets. One of the Partners has conservation expertise which is drawn upon in relation to all applications of this kind including works to alter or extend listed buildings and proposals within conservation areas.

Enforcement Proceedings and Appeals

The Practice is able to represent clients who have been served with an Enforcement Notice, Breach of Condition Notice or Stop Notice or threatened with enforcement action. It carries out negotiations with Local Planning Authorities to avoid formal action being taken and, where appropriate, to get Enforcement Notices withdrawn. Where it is not possible to negotiate a solution with a Local Planning Authority, the Practice is able to prepare and submit Enforcement Appeals and act on the client's behalf.

Certificates of Lawfulness

It is possible to apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness of Existing Use or Development (CLEUD) or a Certificate of Lawfulness of a Proposed Use of Development (CLOPUD) to determine whether a use or development already undertaken is lawful or whether works that it is proposed to carry out require planning permission or are already lawful. The Practice is able to advise clients on this often complex process and to instruct Lawyers as required. Planning Consultants also appear at Appeal Hearings or Inquiries when evidence is presented under oath.

Other Matters

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact one of the team if you have any other planning matters that you need to discuss.